Easter Puja & Seminar 2021

Easter Puja & Seminar 2021

Friday 2nd ~ Sunday 4th April 2021

All music program events, Havan and the Puja can be viewed on this website.
(See Program below)

Event has ended

Thank you joining us for this auspicious International Easter event. Recordings from the event are below.

Photo: Yogis celebrating Easter Puja in Jerusalem Sunday 4th April 2021

Recordings from Puja Seminar

The Playlist below has videos from the weekend events of morning meditations, evening music programs, Havan and Easter Puja for you to enjoy. Click on the    symbol below to expand the playlist.

Invitation to Shri Mataji

Our beloved Divine Mother Shri Mataji!

By Your endless Grace, we are blessed and honoured to offer to Your Lotus Feet this Easter Puja 2021.
We most humbly pray to You to accept our deepest love and devotion.
May mutual forgiveness, spiritual transformation and unity of Nirmalites be awakened and solidly established in the entire mankind.

Invitation to Yogis

Dear brothers and sisters of the world collective,

We humbly invite you to join us in worshiping our Holy Mother, Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in Her aspect of Lord Jesus Christ.

All events will be shared by video on this website.

With love from the hosting countries of Australia, Israel and Palestine, Russia, Spain & Ukraine.

“That’s the very important, crucial point today [that] I wanted to tell you because today is Easter Day which was a very crucial point for the development or the growth of the Spirit, because Sahasrara we could never have achieved if Agnya was blocked.”  Shri Mataji – Easter Puja Talk 1990, Eastbourne (UK)


All Events will be online and will be broadcast from various hosting countries. Video from each Event can be viewed on this website. See below. 
All times below are Cabella Italy time.

Friday 2nd April, 2021

6:00 Morning meditation – Broadcast from Australia
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18:00 Opening of the Puja Festival (Broadcast from the Castle, Cabella) followed by music program
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Saturday 3rd April, 2021

6:00 Morning meditation – Broadcast from Spain
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10:00 Havan – Broadcast from Ukraine
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18:00 Worship of Shri Mary (Broadcast from Israel) followed by music program
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Sunday 4th April, 2021

6:00 Morning meditation – Broadcast from Russia
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* * * 17:00 International Easter Puja – Broadcast from Jerusalem* * *
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Requesting videos for evening programs

We invite all musicians, artists, actors from all countries to participate in the Easter 2021 evening programs. Read more


“Wonderful the way He said about you people. He asked for forgiveness from God. What we have to learn from His life is the way he knew how to forgive all of us. We have to also forgive people. (…) And you will be surprised that the forgiveness is such a great, satisfying quality. If you can forgive people, you will become extremely pure because the dirt or the anger that is within us goes out. So to forgive is the biggest blessings human beings have.”  Shri Mataji – Easter Puja Talk 2008, Nagpur (India)